Saturday, November 2 • 11:15am - 12:30pm
Breakout 3.06: Education for Cultural Sensitivity and Character in Pluralistic Society

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Soul Tending and the Pedagogy of Hope: A Mixed Method Study Examining the Experiences of Racialized Students in Southern Ontario Catholic Schools
Marie Green (University of St. Michael's College)

Research Interest Group. [Paper] This study seeks to answer the following question: How effective are the equity and inclusive policies, implemented by Catholic schools in Ontario, in supporting the culture and identity of racially marginalized students who are not Catholic? The effectiveness of these policies, and their grounding in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (Ladson-Billings 1995; Gay 2000), are examined within the context of the common theme of education for liberation, found in the philosophical views expressed by writers such as Jacque Maritain (1943), Paolo Freire (1970), and Grant Shockley (1988).

Teaching Elementary School Students Tolerance in Pluralistic Society: Indonesian case
Julia Suleeman (Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia)

Research Interest Group. [Paper] This paper is about the curriculum of character development for elementary school students in one Christian school in Klaten, Central Java province of Indonesia. The students learn about the importance of living in a pluralistic society and applying tolerance toward anyone, regardless of their religion and ethnic. To serve this purpose, a general theme of love was chosen that was reflected in loving God, loving oneself, loving others, and loving the enviroment. From here, nine characters were chosen and used to be developed in each grade.

Buddhicised Education in Schools: the case of Hong Kong Buddhist Association’s Program
Thomas Tse (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Research Interest Group. [Paper] Focusing on the Hong Kong Buddhist Association’s current Buddhicised Education program, this paper reviews its framework and development. The Association considers a need for schools to improve the social milieu by strengthening moral and spiritual education with a specific Buddhist orientation. While keeping Buddhist knowledge and doctrines as the major values source and resources, the Association has widened its coverage into spiritual and life education; and re-designed the teaching materials and pedagogical methods in tandem with current issues and students’ daily lives.

Keywords: buddhicised education, buddhism, catholic education, character development program, culturally responsive pedagogy, education, elementary school children, hong kong, inclusive education, indonesia, pluralistic society, racialized students, school, soul tending, values education.


Marie Green

University of St. Michael's College

Julia Suleeman

Lecturer, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia

Thomas Tse

Associate Prof, Faculty of Education,The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Saturday November 2, 2019 11:15am - 12:30pm
Cabinet Room Holiday Inn, Toronto International Airport, 970 Dixon Road, Rexdale

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